Fight Climate Change, 100% for Free.
Donera supercharges your homescreen to easily raise money for climate change. Every tab you open helps fund the best carbon offsets, advocacy groups, and R&D institutions.
30 Seconds.
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Donera is the easiest and most effective way to combat climate change. See the impact for yourself.
How Donera Works.
Take 30 seconds to install Donera onto your favorite browser. It takes just 30 seconds, we promise.
Open a new tab and see your beautiful new home screen. We'll place ads on each new tab.
Each placed ad generates an ad impression and a little bit of revenue we send to our partner organizations.
Transparent. Secure. 100% Effective.
Radical Transparency.
Donera is the easiest installation you'll ever make. Trust us. 
100% Privacy, 100% of the Time.
Donera never tracks your search browsing history–ever. Total privacy, all the time.
Real Money. Real Change.
Every new tab you open funds top climate projects across the world.
Beloved by Many.
An easy way to raise money for a vital cause with no downsides. Excited for this!
Emily Reinhold
Chrome User
Turn your tabs into trees (and other things)! small way to help at no cost to you.
Jack Sullivan
Chrome User
Nice format, easy to use, and good cause!
Richard Peng
Chrome User
This is so cool! I love saving the planet while I'm browsing!!
Dylan Erdalyi
Chrome User
By the Numbers.
Donera isn't just talk - we measure and track our impact. 
50 Kg
of CO2 offset each year by the average user
Tons offset by the Donera community
Funding the Best.
Donera is proud to support the top nonprofits and institutions combating climate change. We research and vet every organization so you don't have to.

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